Pan Grandma

Certain dogs can look like mini llamas when shaved short. Some dogs don’t, just certain ones. That doesn’t mean they are mini llamas. They just look like mini llamas.

I tend to look like a stereotypical lesbian when my hair is pixie short. Some women don’t, just certain ones, like myself. Not that I mind so much looking like a lesbian, but I would like to look like what I am, neither llama nor lesbian.

Those same llama looking dogs will look like giant collies when their coats are grown back. I grow my hair out, and look like a soccer mom. Not that I mind looking like a soccer mom, but I would like to look like what I am.

A collie looks like a collie looks. A llama looks like a llama looks. A lesbian looks like whatever she wants to look like. A stereotypical lesbian looks like a stereotypical lesbian looks. A soccer mom looks like a soccer mom looks… what does a Pan Grandma look like?

I want to look like whatever a Pan Grandma looks like, not a collie, or a soccer mom, or a llama, or a lesbian.

I want to look like what I am.

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