Watching You Sleep

As I lay here

I find amusement as I watch you sleep

Your eye lashes, thick and long

Play peek a boo

With eyes unaware, they’re the target

Of a gaze from a unloved lover

Who longs for the touch, the kiss of pure affection that can’t help but flow from love

Yet has settled for one night meaningless moments between mismatched souls

Potential unmet

Desires unfulfilled

But you’re here

Your snores fill this summer morning

The birds’ songs dissipate

Inside there’s a choke of the heart

O, the grasp of heartache

2 thoughts on “Watching You Sleep

    1. Thank you. I’m still trying to figure out how to use this, it is even harder on my phone. I think I understand now because I didn’t know where to find the prompt, so, this doesn’t go with the 1st prompt although I selected the “Marathon prompt.” Lol

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