Achilles Ear

We do not live in a vacuum, which is good because I would be afraid all the time

I hate the vacuum, as you know, but I am also brave

at least when it comes to you, my family

Furever Family is what we’ve found

You and I together, on our playground

I saved you from being lonely

also from being afraid

I know you have some ghosts that haunt you in your sleep,

but I’ve learned not to hide from you when you call out in the night

instead I snuggle in closer and put my wet nose in your palm

Then you know it’s me and you don’t have to be a fright,

You saved me from the shelter and the human merry go round I was on

You saw a was a big boy, but your love was just as big

with your help my love grew too

and also, I am brave, from any spider

there ever was, you my friend, I will save!


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