A Sport Fish #3

Oh! I have done quite a bit of fishing in my life

Always at the end of the line

Holding on to pieces of time

Mingling for the right catch night after night

Taken ample time to prepare each asset

To become the unattainable yet desirable bait

Just so there would be something worthy for man to eventually put on his       plate.

I have played by the rules of the game

Learned traditional chores, hobbies, technique

Encompassed in the tackle box known as me

Worked hard and accepted less pay

All in yearning to be treated, respected the same

I have tears and sweat and scars where smiles should be

Brought forth human life from inside me

But each time the line sways back, and drops,

I can’t help but wonder how far we have really come

I am not your sport fish, I am your bait

In all the competing mankind just figured out way to late.


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