Hour 17: batter-fry


Take one woman, docile
Add liberal doses of harsh treatment,
preferably, in the first few
months/years of marriage.
Harsh, how harsh?
Hmm, comments like,
late from work again,
flirting with your colleague,
didn’t your mother teach you anything,
housework first,
children first,
husband first,
the curry tastes awful,
iron my shirt,
come into the bedroom,
you get the point.
When raw and bleeding,
sprinkle generous comments
about a woman’s place,
her priorities in life,
her taste in clothes,
and her general sloppiness.
Now take a cauldron
and deposit the oil
of negative emotion into it.
Unjustified anger’s highly recommended.
Bring to boil.
Drop battered woman in.
Use slotted spoon of reason
to turn, remove when well-done.
No need to drain.

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