Hour twelve: we are gathering

tiny heart beats
madly excitedly
they’ve given me
the instructions
which float like strips
of rainbow from
my jaw
– as you proceed
they’ll send you
more and more
to carry
be willing
you can do it

with me are beating
thousands and thousands
of tiny hearts
as we proceed
from the south east
to the south west
the wind our only master
guide, and compass

it’ll happen, they said
something about
the point of saturation
but it was too
technical to make sense
my companions were getting
excited as we neared
a tall mountain range
we couldn’t rise
a gathering of clouds
we hit it
we burst, overwhelmed
they it rained 40 days
and 40 nights
i too was lost
in ancient waters
before ascending
to a new cycle
the birth
of a new gathering

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