As with the problem of society, its coherence, is what history should consist of.

These events have taught us the surprise of the rationality we may later detect.

Manifestation hidden.

In processes, the problem becomes more than conception.

It adds up into an already given, singular contradiction.

Obviously impossible,

this system of laws,

both arbitrary & indefinite.

Nothing must remain outside. Suspended in mid air. Terminating in the end of history…

Unicellular organisms holding up these multicellular forms where a few decades ago biological evolution held up human kind.

These words are truer than electromagnetic remorseless industrialism.

These Western changes are omnipotent.

These instutionalized gods are within reason.





Swept away as new ones formed. Antiquated before they ossify. Solids melt into air. Holiness profaned.

Given birth to a history it thought to have concocted.

Philosophy which is more than philosophy.

Carry them both together towards a new and brilliant society.

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