Here stands the reluctant petty bourgeoisie.

Corrupt with silly amusements.

Over taken with spiritless commandments.

There stands the worker.

Defeated and lost with no class consciousness.

Blowing to and from under the mighty political sails of big capitalism.

Fascism as a special characteristic cleared out in fear of socialism. Spaced out in hope of becoming masters of the State…

but, democracy, she whispers, still clinging to indoctrinated teachings-

For all intents and purposes this campaign succeeds.

For all reason and sanity it supports capitalism.

For all who know no better there is no other way.

These workers can not easily foster illusion against defeat.

Rife with instigation.

Despotic methods rule with fear keeping power.

social slavery

contradictory disguises

social evolution

Standing armies obey, Fierce complicated struggles, The making of the nations was less civilized.

Democracy is organization for the primitive man.

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