Staring at nothing,

lost in her own world

Misty-eyed, glazy

Indefatigable sorrow, unrelenting,


Silent sobbings

The eyes, the eyes, says it all.

Will there be no let-up?

Will it be a continuing restlessness?

It was half-expected, the excruciating pain,

Yet still she’s hurting.

Unsuspectingly the torrential tears, non-stop

Welcome or not, it’s the relief that’s due her

The outpouring of hurts, pains, aches

The free-flowing saline fluid, unburdening

Loosening the heaviness inside.

At that the dam abated

Just like when it started, unceremoniously

And with it, de-constriction.

A hiatus, albeit temporary,

A relief, a great sigh of relief…

Until the next onslaught…

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