17 She

She was a human being and still is, so I’ve heard

Although she is a sorry personification, rest assured, She is one

She shuns politics, a non-conformist

A different peg to a whole

There’s no gray areas for her

It’s either black or white

She dresses as She pleases

From the mini skirt to the miniest

And the maxi to the maxiest

She’s not into pants but favored shorts

She wears socks of different colors

and when told of such, her usual reply

“I have another set of these colors.”

Make her mad, and ah…face damnation

Make her laugh, and She’s yours for good.

Friends She has aplenty

Foes so much more

She prays like a nun, but swear like no one

She’s made up of funny bones

But She’s a cry-baby too.

Her convictions strong as a rock

Steadfastness is one of her virtues,

But give her the most reasonable quip

Her resiliency is all over the place.

Yes, She could be you

Probably me

But for all intents and purposes

She’s a She.

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