After seeing the flicks Bugs’ Life and Antz

I came to see you in a different light

I revered your solidity, oneness

I admired your orderliness

I regarded you as a force to reckon with


You’ve been pestering me for quite sometime now

I see your horde in my little eden

Mystified at what you’re at

Lining up and attacking my little plants


Much against my inner turmoil

I have to choose your bunch or my dear plants

And arrived at, my plants I’ve got to save

Gone was the reverence, admiration accorded to your species

You are killing my plants! Why?

By your mere presence? What?

I concluded  and considered you now one or many of those pests

So there!

I sprayed and sprayed water to break your rank,

To dismantle built-up soil you made on my flower pots

And wreaking havoc to my plants.

With a heavy heart, no let up on the spraying

Until the last of your soldiers cascaded down

with the water, dizzy (perhaps), dead or whatever

No regrets tho that I killed a platoon.

My oh my

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