Everyday Life

It’s full of tribulations you never see coming

but it’s nothing you can’t handle.

from the moment you come into existence, you see it.

the oppressors in school, the constant struggle to pass tests

or even muster.

sometimes, even just making it home in one piece can be a challenge.


but you grow, evolve, adapt to the point where nothing fazes you.

before long, you’ve become solid a rock,

ready to take on the world and whatever it throws at you

and then it all gets taken away as the well-nigh impossible

task of obtaining steady work comes into play.


from there, it’s all about planning for the future.

iras, 401ks, it’s all there to confuse the hell out of you.

but you make it, maybe find the right girl and make an

honest woman out of her.


she provides you beautiful offspring and you’d sooner tap

dance in a mine field before you let anything happen to them. before

long, their cuteness evolves into a screaming match but you

always reconcile in the end, knowing they only scare because they care .


eventually, they start their own families and the nest is just you & her

enjoying the golden years at some facility in boca. you sit there, soak

in the true reality of existence and remember, at the end of the day, it was

all worth it.

because it had to be.

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