Monday through sunday

Day one I’m filled with dread
Thoughts refusing to enter my head

Day two gets better
Stiffness starts to shatter

Day three I am energetic
Its when i feel most poetic

Day four I have anticipation
Mixed with dwindling concentration

Day five I am filled with excitement
Yet still restless, but still compliant

Day seven i feel relief
Doesnt matter that it will be brief

Day six I am calm
This day is quite a charm

Day seven i am relaxed yet weary
For to repeat the cycle will be dreary

One thought on “Monday through sunday

  1. Of your rhyming pairs, “calm and charm” and “energetic and poetic” are my favorites. Still, I couldn’t help but smile at the “weary and dreary” come the final day. I imagine you describing your writing process, but is this also in reference to the weeks into months of social distancing? What a clever way to capture the patterns of each week. I am still trying to fully grasp that whole experience. Maybe day four reflects my current challenge: “anticipation mixed with dwindling concentration.”

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