Stardust (2022 Poem 24)

You loved that song
I had forgotten
Until this moment
Now my heart aches

You loved daisies too
I will not forget again
I would carve it all into my palms
Before I too am

(Prompt: Write a poem that starts and ends with the same word. It can be short, but it has to be at least five lines long. If you can’t think of your own word to start and end with here are my suggestions: hope, stardust, cheese, sleep, and shoes.)

7 thoughts on “Stardust (2022 Poem 24)

  1. Oh, this brought the beauty and wistfulness of that song to me, and it set the tone for the whole poem. That sudden memory leading to fresh daisies made this poignant. Come the end, I saw the idea of ending with Stardust the word, but you intimate the close of life with stardust, so when I returned to the first line I imagined you when you first fell in love.

    Quite an elegant and lovely poem!

    1. Thank you so much, I’m truly touched by your thoughtful response to my poem. It is about a loved one who has passed on, and though not a lover, it is beautiful to me to also see that story through your eyes. πŸ™‚

    2. Brings to mind the love for someone lost and the desire to keep their memory alive. The idea of carving something into the palms is a visceral and effective image. And stardust used twice but starting with a song and ending in eternal existence is beautifully done.

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