Grandpa’s Satchel (2022 Poem 5)

Gandpa’s Satchel

Resting in Grandpa’s faded hardback chair
Sunflower swaying as a warm breeze
Gently blows through your long greying hair
Setting knitting down upon swollen knees

I offer up a piece of cheddar cheese
Trying to fill the silent space around my grief
You give my cold hand a gentle squeeze
I sip from my wine glass in disbelief

Sun-baked pavement buzzing like hard-at-work bees
Scratching a nail in the earth he said was blessed
Here beside his favourite old oak trees
Inside this satchel Grandpa’s ashes finally rest

(Prompt: Use at least 5 words/phrases: hardback, sunflower, knitting, cheddar cheese, space, wine glass, pavement, nail, oak, satchel)

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