Hour 5 (My daughter’s p.o.v.)

Mommy is giving me that look again
I wish we would just play pretend
She’s going to lean in close to my face
Very seriously, while making sounds I don’t understand

Wait… I think this mumble jumble gibberish
The grown ups speak has meaning
Now mom keeps pointing to that picture, repeating the same thing
Let me try… “eye keen” no… that’s not it… “eyes kweem”

What is this foolish woman trying to do?
She looks so silly with her eyes so big
pointing to her mouth dramatically, too
Thinking the exaggeration will help me learn

Mom, I clearly hear you saying “ice cream”
But learning to say it is a difficult thing
If trying again will make you stop,
Then I’ll give it another shot

“ice kweeeeeeem”
Look at mommy gleam!
“ICE kweeeeem!”
I’ve got it! Mommy is smiling so big!

Yummmmmy! So this deliciousness has a name
And all this time I thought it was mommy’s silly game
Every time I wake, I learn something new
Maybe tomorrow I’ll teach mommy about my nose’s green goo

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