Angling for Some Tangling – Poem for Hour 3

Cast a line and see where it falls,

Because it’s the unknown that really enthrals

You – admit it,

You don’t want a’ hook, line and sinker’ –

You want more of a freethinker

So you’ll need the right bait –

You’ll need to create

The thrill of the chase,

An unsolved case

For her to investigate,

So she’ll reciprocate

With grace.

But don’t spin her a line,

Because it’s only a very fine

One between playing games

And causing untold pains,

And once you’ve caught her

She’ll lose all appeal,

And you’ll be back to reel

Another one in,

Promising safety from sharks with hidden fins

Offering acceptance of all of their sins,

Then using them like needles and pins

To pierce the surface and damage what’s within.

(c) Gemma Hinton 13/06/15





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