Trust Me

Fierce fists lash out at what cannot be seen – a silent mugger, new and keen,

Being fed lies and rules imprecisely

Too overwhelmed to argue concisely,

They just want everything to be alright,

Y’know, after this fight –

Justified anger has once again missed their target

Vision obscured by a too-vague remark,

They’re in the wrong corner and left in the dark bit…

There’s nobody to trust to just be explicit

Until their mate’s dad’s uncle’s neighbour

Clarifies all

By telling them exactly how it is

Over the garden wall –

You won’t be seeing him in a maskĀ  –

How would this lot get through a war?

He’s tellin’ ya – most of this lot couldn’t get through a door

And all he needs to know is when – at last –

Can he go on the piss?

And he was right, y’know –

You won’t see him in a mask –

Nobody will see him in anything at all,

Not on that ward –

You won’t see him in a mask –

Not even taking his very last gasp

True to his word.





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