Season of the Reckoning

Could this be it?

The point in the life of Earth

when debts are reconciled?


For debts there are,

and they will either be settled

or they will tip this planet into oblivion.


How many centuries can it last

that some people get the best

and some get the leavings

on this home of the haves and the have-nots?


The wealthy few always been on top,

but there’s a lot more of Us

than there are of Them.

Knowing this, the Fat Cats planted distrust,

hatred, suspicion of each other

to keep us from realizing the magnitude of our combined power.


Are we savvy enough to stop our petty, contrived disagreements

and see a bigger picture?


That would start The Season of the Reckoning –

the evening out of opportunity, of justice, of power.


Come. Sit, let’s talk.

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