Where Life is Good

There is a place – at least I’ve heard it’s real

where everyone is free to feel

that Life is good.


Where everybody has enough

of clothes and food and other stuff

and Life is good.


Where fair is fair and right is right

and quarrels are settled by reason, not might

and Life is good.


Of course there are problems, but people don’t hate,

and there is much to appreciate

and Life is good.


Where is this place? I’d like to know.

If I knew, you and I would go

where Life is good.


One thought on “Where Life is Good

  1. I love the idealic feel of this poem. I think the repetition of the two lines “that life is good” “and life is good” “where life is good” in the way that you did it was very witty…almost like a sandwich of words or an answer to the questions of what and where. Your rhyming couplets add a sing-song sound and feel to this wonderful idealistic poem. Well done! I hope you consider submitting this one!

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