Hour 14: Showtime

I managed to squeeze 7 of the 10 words into my poem, which is set at a movie awards ceremony. The lines about the evening of a thousand stars, and the suitcase in another hall, are transplants from songs in the movie Evita, which hopefully is sufficient to imply that Kermit and Miss Piggy played Juan and Eva Peron. I want to tighten some rhymes that don't really rhyme at the moment — such as stars and sprinklers, but that'll just be a bit of playing round with alternatives


It was a mystery
how Kermit won best leading frog
while Piggy went overlooked.

On this evening of a thousand stars
where suitcases are never left in another hall
the steam escaping her ears triggered the sprinklers.

“Froggy,” she demanded, “give me your raincoat,”
(peculating the award like butter wouldn't melt)
“Quick, Froggy, those children are escaping with your cup!”

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