Poem 22

She was a horrible driver

Taking her cues only from the other cars

A clear street

She drove 80 and if there was a car

She would slow to about four below

The speed limit

If there was a lot of traffic she would pull to the side of the road

And just wait patiently for the other cars to flow

Past her going to their places

She would wait and call them

Distract them from their driving

Nobody ever told her she needed to get home

No it wasn’t the reason for her driving

She hadn’t been really given a reason for her driving

Or she had, and just hadn’t known

Making way for other drivers is the worst way to get from point A

To point B

Her driving and her direction are her own responsibility

And making up for lost time by pounding the wheel and laying on the gas

Was horrible for her interior and transmission

Driving with precision begins in choosing the destination

Pulling over is necessary for detailing and engine checking

You don’t need to call your friends when you are free to leave the car

Free to leave the car

Free to leave the car

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