Prompt 6 – Eventually

There was a girl who took her time in finding her path.
She was free, as far as she was concerned.
Knowing she’d find her way eventually,
She felt no urgency.

Clever and bright,
Her wit astounded those around her.
“So smart! Think of a career! A doctor! A lawyer!
Just use that head and-

You’ll surely be someone successful.”

But what was to define success?
The adults would pet the girl’s head
And praise her ingenuity as she behaved and got good grades
And though she did not know it:

This pride would be her undoing.

What does she do now?
Has she chosen something yet?
What? Why isn’t she in school?
What’s of her path?

Odd looks thrown her way –
Why does the girl flit when asked a simple question?

She does not know.

Anxiety is
Caused in a soul forced to walk
A path not its own.

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