Elemental Unity

Each feeling its power

The knew that they could win alone

For nothing surpassed the need for a solid foundation

Earth was proud to be the support of all creation

But when is as stagnant, cold, or thirst for life

The absence of everyone only brought strife.

But the wind, yes it knew it was most powerful of all

For without being seen it could make great oaks fall

But what else, once things were moved, did existence mean?

There seemed to be a need for definition to the empty scene.

Fire! Fire never questioned for a moment its supreme royal rights

It could destroy and create, darken the day and light the night

But when it smiled and turned to see validation

Fear reigned and caused its might power full devaluation

Water knew its calm demeanor and mighty power was created needs

Without it nothing could survive, no growth would ever succeed.

But as it evaporated into nothing, it knew it needed more

All that it could was limited by acts it no ability to explore.

As they faced one another, all capable, powerful, and unique

They each knew that their best there was greater goal to seek

They found their individual powers were always far enhanced

When unity was the meeting place from which they all advanced.


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