The Trip

I was able to visit a place that is out of this world. 

I couldn’t describe the feeling inside when I saw then light and splendor. 

At first I thought that the lights were so bright, then realize that Love was the light. 

I felt comfort that I’ve never known, like in my first time there I had been there before. 

And the Peace, it was everywhere! Everyone lived in joy without a care. 

So I decided that I was home. I would go on living there. 

I was sure that ones I’d loved would come by so we could share 

But I was told I had to go. Return to my home and thrive

I was given a word to live on, Psalm 37 verse 25

Then I had to leave His side

My opening eyes had proof that I cried. 

But that gift has continued to encourage my stride. 

After my vacation

jj2019 2019 Poetry Marathon


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