Speculating the possibility of those things deemed unreal and far beyond the reach of reality.

How can it be so simple?

Contemplating the moment, I no longer fear death and reach into the realm of synchronicity.

How can it only be one life, one rhythm, and one call?

I need the answers to them all.

Bricks stacked one against the other to build a wall, aligning perfectly only for each one to fall.

Wondering why the opposition in my waking life contradicts the deemed natural laws of prosperity, forgiveness, and love.

Reminiscing about my past relationship with the one from above.

Manifesting forgiveness for another person’s wrong.

Taking in the elements of my past, present, and future to place on the offering plate.

Giving my ancestors a place to settle their debts and download the details of my fate.

Offering my last breath as I weirdward nightly to digress.

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