Gather around children let me tell you a story about Zero, the most powerful number in the universe.

In the beginning, the quiet was interrupted by a stillness called Zero.

Zero was born out of a life force like no other.

So strong Zero didn’t have a mother or a father.

An existence no one could follow or copy.

Zero’s gender was neither male nor female.

Nor animal or beast.

It was peaceful and calm, centered as a collection of elements waiting to be released.

Simmering like fire, cool like water, breezy like air and solid as the ground we call earth.

A mystical creation holding the very essence of life.

Levitating in the vastness of space, Zero was a mere collaboration of energy created to bring forth truth.

With the patience of an unborn child, Zero gave birth to the darkness in your eyes, the light shining in the sky and the endless landscape of the sea. In reality, Zero created you and Zero created me.

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