After You (Hour 10)



After You


I am one of Harvey’s hummingbirds.

I know…it ridiculous to act like he owns me.

But ya know he’s got some of the best sugar water around.

And he doesn’t forget to refill it like his lazy neighbors.


So it’s an easy gig but there is a catch.

I wish I wasn’t so intuitive but I can see

Harvey’s not so crazy about when I chase

Chester away every time he tries to swipe

my food.


Oh, excuse me – there’s Zoe.

I need to fly way high like this

and, hang on, swooooop down so fassssst!

That must have really impressed her!


But back to Harvey and Chester.

Yeah it’s kinda hard to do I admit

but I don’t want to disappoint Harvey

so Chester go ahead, after you.


Ya gotta realize I lap up nectar

eighteen times a second,

I ain’t no slouch.

I can catch up.


So go ahead Chester

Please you first.


But stay away from Zoe!






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