This morning I asked Colleen,

“How do you write a poem?”

“Look it up online,” she said,

“Or ask Siri.”


I guess I’ll give it a try.


I remember when I felt so small

that everything around me was big.

I had to duck from the avalanche.


Their was no choice but to see the

future as a movie and passively watch.


I had no idea that a shell

surrounded me.


There were moments

when I pecked through to

rays of light that helped

wake me from sleep.


And some guides

came along the way.


Yet in time

I had to choose.


Maybe some choices that came before me

were my ancestors pecking through my veins

and telling me to find exuberance.


Because they never had that choice.




2 thoughts on “Ancestors

  1. Thanx Caitlin!
    Funny…but a few minutes ago I emailed that incident to a friend in Eugene.
    Another great Marathon!!!
    I can’t imagine how you’ve created, maintained, and seen through this event in addition to doing the full marathon and having a little one!!! And sending comments like this!
    You are superhuman (as is Jacob)!!!
    Thanx again!!!!

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