The Night Before Madness (11:00 AM)

Whispering poetry to myself in the bath

I ponder my day and choke on a laugh

at all of the silly little things that you said;

how God is alive,

and that sky is red

and nightmares so troublesome fall from my head.

With momma up to mischief

and daddy on the couch

I tiptoe to my room

quiet as a mouse.

Moonlight dances on the ruddy wood floors.

There’s holes in the rooftop and locks on the doors.

I turn off my light and

draw the shade down the window.

Turn down the blankets and

fluff up my pillow.

I pray to the Lord my tired soul to keep

and wish that tonight I’ll fall easily asleep.

I drink myself to a tumultuous nap

to awake in a place where the sun rises black.

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