Oh America

Oh America

You wonder, you

The Land of all the Free

(So long as you’re born all of

Straight, cis, white and he)


We pledge allegiance

To the bones

We pledge to all the fallen

We the people pledge

To avenge who you’ve forgotten


For today

We woke up barren

Woke up stripped and beaten backwards

We watched the world we knew before

Be overcome with fractures


You set

A slippery slope in motion

Allow us to strike a match

At this point we can throw

The goddamn country down the hatch


How dare you

Oh my country

Oh my country ‘tis of thee

How dare you take my right to choose

And claim it was for me


The depths

That we have fallen

Have us teetered on the edge

Of civil war, of flames and forks

Of “We will have revenge!”

One thought on “Oh America

  1. What voice and passion resonates in Oh America! I’ve read it through over and over and what hits me the hardest is the line □let’s strike a match… a reversal that is so far reaching that while I watch what individual states are deciding tonight… tears come. Thank you for writing this poem.

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