This Christmas was going to be special
She’d been planning since September
The tree was going to be simply fantastic
She made all the ornaments by hand

It would be Molly’s last Christmas
before she went off to college
And would be the first Christmas
With her new husband

It’s November now. Thanksgiving a few weeks away.
Every day is a day closer to Molly’s move
Today, she made pancakes, eggs, and fresh orange juice
Bobby ate all of his; her son had such an appetite.

But Molly, worried about her figure.
Hardly ate.
Her husband rushed them off to school.
She kissed them one by one.

She hadn’t suspected her husband
to return early.
kill her and
bury her in pieces in four different

There will be no Christmas now.
Thanksgiving will be cancelled.
Her children.
All she wanted was her children.
Who will cook their breakfast now?

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