Cities Hour 19

I grew up in small cities

Asphalt coexisted

with huge lawns

Sprawling green/ blue parks

Houses nicely spaced so you couldn’t hear

What the neighbors were watching on television.

We had the best of both worlds i suppose

Well placed schools,

Public Libraries just the right size.

Every fast food you could want.


I moved to a bigger city

A place with tiny lawns

and three units on one property.

Walking distance to a huge mall

And a bustling downtown

Intimidating, daunting

Scary, exciting.

I visited San Francisco and LA

Where the concrete eats everything

The bustle raises blood pressure

The traffic murders people daily.


So much to see and do


But I wanted to crawl home

To those sprawling lawns

And big spacious houses

I was used to.


A compromise was reached

And I found a place

Not too busy, not too quiet

Plenty to do and see.

I miss the lawns

The house I will never own

But I needn’t lose myself

In a city too big.

Or decay away in a place too small





One thought on “Cities Hour 19

  1. What a journey! I love your awareness of the spaces that surround you! I lived not too far away from LA for several years, and your way of describing how ‘the concrete eats everything’ is perfect. It sounds, now, that you have found a space to be happy in. Beautiful, thought-provoking poem.

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