Hour 13-A Different World

In a different world

You and I

would be walking upside down

On a balance beam

Or flying a kite

Beneath our feet

We would be challenging each other to duels

With cyber sticks

And puppet guns

We would go to work

And play with anti matter

Come back home and work with

Quantumless Mechanics

In a different world we would cease to be limited

And limit ourselves to being different

Our questions would be answers

Our answers would be questionalbe

and our facts would be fiction

In a different world

We would spend our lives and end up young

We would boast of our poverty

Make pets out of trees

Wish on Tootsie Rolls

And chew on stars

If we were in a different world

You and me would be me and you

But we would still be together

No matter how different the world

I would still find you in it

Walking beside you

Or maybe above


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