Hour 15- Trains, Planes, Buses and a Big Ship

We took a cab

To a plane

We flew across the ocean


We took a bus

To a Hotel

We ordered pizza in

Too tired to go out

We took a bus to meet a train

The train rich, luxurious

Through the mountains

Landscape high and wild on all sides

At the end of the tunnel

We met a ship,

Tall, glistening

We waited to board her

In a long line


She was luxurious

As Royal as her name

Tall staircases, gold and glass

Rich carpeted hallways

Fine dining, rich desserts

We watched Alaska from our balcony


There would be a small bi-plane

To show us glaciers

Buses, always buses

Another train, not roomy and luxurious

But enjoyable

Back to the ship


Balloon drops

and dancing

Family Dinners and photos


Over too soon

We ended in Vancouver

A bus, a gondola

Waterfalls and a copper mine


Our plane home was gone

No one had told us

I spent dinner on the phone

Our TA found us another one

Small, crowded, a budget airliner

But it got us home

Back over the ocean

To our tiny Maui

Our measily jobs

Our messy apartment

Our traumatized cat

I can’t wait to do it again



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