I was There, I saw it All -Hour 15

I was there

I saw it all

The way the sun mashed about the sky

Liquid all around me

Nothing quite formed yet

Moments of clarity followed by glubbing about with the other cells

We tried to match up, create something

But we were not organized enough yet

Not enough purpose in our DNA

But I was there, I remember it well

Swimming about in chemical concoctions

Waiting for form to form


I was there

At the end

The way the sun marched across the sky

The explosions, one after the other

Until everything was wiped out, everything but thought

We had tried to stop it, but we weren’t organized enough

We just whined about what was happening on social media

We cried at the end, we did

We glubbed around trying to stay informed

We watched as the chemical fried us and our bodies disintegrated

I was there, I saw it all

Watching all form destroyed


3 thoughts on “I was There, I saw it All -Hour 15

  1. So powerful – the before and after as we begin and end. I really enjoyed the pattern and the symmetry of this poem – and it makes a profoundly powerful point.

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