Poem 5-High School




It was a crime

It was

The way those people

That place

Hung in the air like a stinky sock

That school

Those uppity teenagers

With sex on their brain

And disturbance in their heart

They ate kids like me for lunch

Nerdy kids, smart kids, big boobed girls

and wimpy boys

As bells rang and lockers slammed

self esteem was shattered

harsh words hung in the air

Perfectly timed pushes

A trip out of nowhere

Sending someone sprawling


Peyton Place and Days of our Lives

Who dated who

And who never got dated

Someone makes the team

Someone else has to fail

Overt commentary

About the political futures of us all


Location Location Location

School hallway

Where cafeteria smells

were not culinary

And growing up was

shame and attitude

Lower class beings

Smashed under the shoe

Of a social structure

Embedded in small children

Who grow up to be horrible adults

And misfits

Never make the grade


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