Poem 6

Poem six. Already out of ideas

What should I write about?


They are planning a human head transplant

So who exactly does the thinking

The old person or the new head?


The cops busted kids with a koolaid stand

Guess the real criminals weren’t available

Kids are so out of control these days


Someone figured out how to fry coke.. coca cola

Not the other stuff, I am sure someone has fried the other stuff

They have definitely been fried by it

Frying coca cola sounds kind of sticky


If we have to fry things how about fried coffee?

Seems more to my liking

Wait I think I saw a recipe for fried Starbucks

Or baked Starbucks or

A rolled Starbucks fried pastry

How soon can I get it at an actual Starbucks?

I don’t cook.


Rue McClanahan’s death went viral

Five years after she died

That Rue has staying power

Wonder what her next sitcom will be?


Caitlyn Jenner wore hot thigh high boots

Not extremely interesting

But I had to look

I wasn’t impressed

Thigh highs are completely impractical in Hawaii

Unless you’re fishing.

I don’t think Caitlyn plans

To use them that way

If she does it will make the news


Apparently some celebrity is with their old girlfriend

Another is pregnant

Another may be getting a divorce.

Another is on his deathbed

You know, the usual gossip. Insert names


Only poem 6 huh….we have how many more to go?



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