Poem 9- The Spider

We watched her for days

Clinging to the helium birthday balloon

An intricate web spun

from balloon to string

She stayed in the middle

Cast to her winds of fate

A tornado from the ceiling fan

Around and around

No other spider

Had her own carnival ride

I was curious

Was it enjoyable for her?

Did she know she could climb down the string to get off?

I wondered if she got nauseated or dizzy

Did she feel overwhelmed, confused?


She was there for days,

Spinning, swaying, swirling, dipping

Dipping, swirling, swaying, spinning

Her own distorted vision of a world gone mad


She disappeared

Had she got off at last?

Had she spun her way to safety?

Did she meet her spiderly demise

After a lunch of delicious gnat or fly?

I hoped for a happy ending


Today a confession

She had been murdered

My weary husband

He had grown tired wondering

If the spider would land in his hair


He either ended her misery or ended her joy


Her web is gone

The balloon still sways,

Dipping spinning swirling

As if she were still there


No other spider

Dare take her place

No other spider ever could

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