Miles to Go

Miles to Go Before I Sleep

Taken from Robert Frost   Stopping By  the Woods


Focused on my journey and perpetual need for rest.

What wonders have I missed

blinded to all I perceive as ordinary?

What whisper of harness bells

sent through morning bird song

to refresh the spirit

have gone unheard

in the cacophony of the day?




The journey”s end,

which cannot be known,

exhorts my mind to penetrate

the rocky mountain before me.


But…in this season of my life,

moving at a slower pace,

“along the way”  treasures

are calling my name.


”Look over here.

We’ve been waiting for you.

Stop for  a while.”


And so I paraphrase Robert Frost with this….


miles to LIVE before I sleep.

Miles to LIVE








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