My heart is
no stranger
to the different kinds
of heartbreaks
people have
to offer.

Smile to
my face
and stab
me right
in the back.
The kind
of heartbreak
betrayal has
to offer
is painful
and hurtful.
I begin
losing trust
in everyone.
But with
time I
heal, and
eventually overcome
this heartbreak.

The second
kind of
heartbreak is
the one
you get
from someone
whom you’re
romantically invested
in, dreaming
together, planning
a future with.
After all
the time
and effort
you’ve invested
into the
relationship, it
goes south,
washed in
the drain.
Regrets collect
like dust
on the furniture
-Memories WE
both share.
But, eventually
i move on,
and learn to
love again.


But this
one stings…
like a moherfucker.
Refuses to
gets stronger
with time.
No matter
how much
I try to
ignore it…
it returns
back with
a harder
‘’You’re nothing but a bag of shit!’’
roared my dad
with temper fuming
when I was 13 years old…
I’m now 27 years older
and this one insult
still paralyzes me right
down to the bone,
I crumble,
drenched in a pool of my own tears.
I don’t remember why he said that
all I remember are those 7 words
ringing loudly like the temple bells
in the deep recesses of my soul.
Like a stain that refuses to leave
the words are etched in my memory,
so strongly with the expression of disgust speaking volumes..,
the sad thing is… that even after all this time…
those 7 fucking words can still reduce me to a puddle of dirt.
The heartbreak that I never got over,
is the worst one of all..

j.r.m© 2016


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