Prompt #19

write a poem for a city, real or imagined.

Blinding city lights
bokeh lights blinking in the distance.
Lost in the light,
Concrete jungle,
deserted and unhomed.
Nature doesn’t live here any longer.

Skyscrapers with roots beneath
the surface of concrete
Reaching for the stars.
Blinding lights masks
the dark night sky.

Stars compete to shine
blazing through, city lights
burn brighter than the stars.
You can hear your thoughts
talk to you in the wild.

Out here, in the middle of civilisation
its all just noise, decibels.
City is so beautiful to look at.
You can get lost in the blinding lights.

Just remember to never lose yourself
to civilisation, let the wild grow within you.

2 thoughts on “Prompt #19

  1. I learned a new word — bokeh! It is perfect in this poem. I like the repetition of lights. My favorite line is “let the wild grow within you.” I’m a believer in that, too!

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