Prompt #21 Faithful Friend


My furry friend
my faithful companion
my playmate
my guardian.

You were always brave, 
with those expressive eyes 
you'd always manage to get your way.
Even when caught red handed...
Oh what simple pleasures
satisfied you, 
playing fetch,
Taking long walks in Albert Park
digging in the backyard 
and hiding the bones.
And how you'd clean my plate up
and eat my veggies for me.
You were such a good boy.
How you'd wag your tail
to express your excitement
upon my arrival from school.
How you planted those adorable 
big wet kisses upon my face. 

My true partner in crime. 
You will always be my little boy.

My golden sun, 
My brightest days, 
My little boy.

-Janice Raquela Mendonca 

img by Celine Sayuri Tagami


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