Prompt #3

Smile wide,
shoulders straight,
stand tall,
hands on your hips,
chin high. 
gaze low.
Walk like you have everything going for you 
right here in this moment,
All eyes on you.

Sit with your legs folded,
nod politely,
speak only when spoken to,
tie your hair into a neat ponytail.
Lather up some foundation,
you have to look perfect,
slap some lipstick on,
put on some high heels.
don’t laugh loudly,
don’t stare.
Wear it like you own it.
this is perfection,
You must look perfect
to be accepted in the circle. 

The idea of perfection is tainted. 
it’s flawed and has messed us all up.

….except for the girl with
wild hair and baggy denims
dancing in the dark  
giving away her heart
barely noticing what the 
world around has to say.
Her soul is alight. 



2 thoughts on “Prompt #3

  1. I love this one…. Probably more than the baby one 😄
    It’s that kind of poem which makes you feel good…. Atleast that’s what it felt like to me. The rhythm and flow are obviously good but the expressions are best. Well done **pat on your shoulder**

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