Prompt #5 (Calangute beach j.r.m©)

Take me back
back in time
to the place 
I once called
my playground.

The air tasted
of salt and summer.
The wind
continuously blew
as the waves
greeted the shoreline.

…and it always felt
like the waves were
playing catch up
with me.
Almost wetting my feet.

I spent many
a long summer day
building my dreams
on the foundations
of sandcastles.
As the high tide set in,
the sea looked
wild and free in the
way the wave’s
reach towards the shoreline.
Marking its territory as
if to say, “I was here.” 

I always 
wondered where
were the waves going?
What’s the hurry?
Always pulling back…
Why can’t they stay
a while and keep me
Help me build a sandcastle
or two….

Sunsets were always magnificent,
little as I was, the sunset hues
still amazed me.
Like the sky was God’s palette
and he painted a brand new but,
slightly different sunset, everyday. 
I’d always wonder, 
didn’t God ever run of the colors 
that made the sunset hue?




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