Prompt #8 (Golden Shovel POETRY “WISHING STARS BY Lang LEAV”)

I Search
for you in the faces of crowds
in the corn fields
and among the grey clouds.

Are you hiding among the blinding lights
or chasing cars
on deserted roads
to fields of stars

Dressed in the night sky where
are you now?
You said 
you’d sing out loud

Ever since
you’ve been gone, my thoughts are not mine
it has passed
through hands and I

I learnt
I am nothing without
my peace of mind
I have to restore it anyhow.



2 thoughts on “Prompt #8 (Golden Shovel POETRY “WISHING STARS BY Lang LEAV”)

    1. I think, this poem is about lost love, maybe because the beloved is dead or does not reciprocate the poet’s feelings. The poem expresses how the poet searches for his beloved face in the grey clouds, yearns for his presence in corn field, her laughter and her love in the throng of crowds. He misses and desperately wishes for a blessed view amongst the everyday hum drum of life, among the the blinding lights and whirring noises of cars. In essence, he vainly wishes that she comes back. And his thoughts are scattered, there is no reason to them. The only hope and thought he has, is of his beloved.
      Yet, in the end, the poet has come to realise what his peace of mind means to him. That he cannot wallow in memories of the post, he will have to face her inevitable absence and live. Somehow. Anyhow.

      This is just my interpretation. The poem is lovely.

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