Prompt hour #13 (Text Prompt)

Young wild thing
where did you leave your heart?
is it too late to feel?
Is it too late to say you’re mine, I wonder…

You were here all along,
You had that look of longing
like you were waiting for him
to look in your direction,
to notice your bleeding heart
and to belong…

You belong baby,
in my longing, yearning, my joy,
my pleasure, my pain.
You emanate in every one of them.

Your essence is in my respiration,
my inspiration and my vocation.
I’ll devote my life to worshiping you.
Your being is art, my muse and my refuge..

Bold and bright
your love dares to shine
unafraid of rejection.
and inspite of it you’ll love.

Your heart holds oceans of courage
Fearlessness sets your sails
You navigate the world’s treacherous waters
battered and bruised with an unbroken spirit.

You love with a purity
unknown to mankind
Can I call you mine?

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