Four Stanzas / Prompt #4 Jan Rog

Morning walks to the bus stop

Steady steps in the coolness

A ride through my city

An adventure to be discovered.


Steady steps in the coolness

Take me past yipping puppies bravely guarding their people against my menace as I laugh.

Yoga devotees stretch, breathe in, extend, and breathe out again on dewy grass below their mats

Bustling trucks unload wares for Hay and Feed, tattoo shops, ice-cream parlors, music stores, and senior centers

As my inclusive, inviting neighborhood wakes up.


A ride through my city

Into parks and libraries of childhood innocence, playing until evening lights came on to run home for dinner

To the crossroad galleries and coffee shops bringing fresh ideas to rusty dusty roads,

Through construction of newest developments, malls and superstores and spacious homes in the prairie

As each community forms anew each day.


An adventure to be discovered

I assured skeptical friends with expectations of grand world travel, new accomplishments, and grand feats.

Still, my daily walking and vistas over Kansas City rooftops both challenge and exhaust

My shaky self: the next me who’s finding a new normal in a body rewired and under construction

As I create my place in life each gifted morning.

2 thoughts on “Four Stanzas / Prompt #4 Jan Rog

    1. Thank you for the feedback. So many different things are happening in my neighborhood as I talk morning walks and bus rides; I’m working on including them all but also keeping sense. I’m so glad we had this opportunity and will write again next year. Again, thank you!

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