Butterflies On Strike / Hour #10

"Strike!" Everyone heard that cry sounding throughout the field. 
Enough is enough, and they were tired of having to find new homes each year
because of a soccer field, a mall, a high rise, or an expanded interstate. 
Nope, they were going to stop fluttering and focus more on the butter side of life. 
Smooth, easy to handle, just being lovely, and laying there - just laying there. 
They also began chit-chatting, singing, gossiping, complaining, telling bawdy jokes,
alternately heckling or whistling at passersby. It proved to be fun, after all. 

Some butterflies figured they could do this for their remaining days;
others figured they could just keep doing this up to the end of their year.
So sweet it was to realize others would be coming along after. 
Thicker and thicker they stacked upon the ground, organizing more and more. 
Practicing speeches for television broadcasts, interviewing each other, and
sending a few delegates to spread awareness and organize in other communities. 
They were growing bolder and stronger. 

Who can blame them, really?   
After all, we all knew what happened to fireflies and lightning bugs from childhood. 
How many stars can we see looking up into the night sky? 
What happened to the many animals that were so abundant and shared the world with us?
Think back on your own childhood; go out into the evening's shadows tonight.
See if your world looks the same. 
The butterflies had had enough, plain and simple. They were on strike.


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