From the painting ‘Coalition’ by Kevin Peterson.


The fox, leading from the front, nose twitching

scenting the cold autumn air for danger,

masked by fumes from distant traffic,

his early afternoon shadow solid.

His demeanour determined a purpose to this journey.


The young girl her blonde curls dance

as she strides out beside the bear, her protector,

bright red woollen jacket matching the goggle eyed hat with tassels,

striped tights and black furry boots complete the image of happiness and warmth.

Safe and secure with her companions.


The bear comfortable walking,

padding softly across the harsh, flat, cold concrete of this man-made path.

At the rear, confident of the foxes ability to lead, he guards his companions.

His size is all they need to feel safe.


There is a sharp taste of late autumn in the air.

Their presence disturbs the small residents of this urban garden

who scurry through fallen leaves that crackle and rustle.

The cold white light strikes the defaced walls that jut into this poor excuse of nature.

The garish graffiti , signed by past painters, hurts the eye and jars the senses a hardened, flat decaying surface.

Untouched and unloved for an age, the artist’s monikers forgotten, they’ve moved on, grown up and left.


The companions, their warmth, determination and purpose pass through this grim scene untouched.

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